Size Guide

Sizing can vary from garment to garment depending on different silhouettes.

To be sure you order the right size we check the fit of every single piece and make
recommendations if a smaller or larger size is advisable. 

To help you find the right size, take a look at our size chart below.

It provides information on standard size conversions.

All measurements are in centimeters | inches.

For your custom-made order, our team will create a unique pattern design based upon your requests.

Please take into consideration that a made-to-measure product requires more than standard manufacture and because of its complex process, it takes more time. You must send us your measures to properly submit your order; we will contact you within 24 hours to Confirm your order and give you an estimated delivery date and price. We will be your consultants throughout the whole process. For a better accuracy, please check our measuring guide.
It is always best to have an expert, seamstress or someone else take your measurements using a soft cloth measuring tape. It is not good to pull the measuring tape taut, instead make sure that it loose by at least one finger, this will ensure the best fit for you.

What to measure:

  •  Measure Bust: Measure with your bra on and place the tape measure around your bust line. Make sure that the tape is around the widest part of the back, and straight fullest part of your bust.  Do not put the measuring tape under the bust line.
  • Measure Waist: Measure your natural waistline at its smallest point, usually above the belly button. Do not suck-in your stomach. Your waist should be approx about 5-6 inches from bottom of bust.
  • Measure Hips: Stand up straight again and with your feet together and flat on the floor. Measure your hips at the largest part usually at the level of the hip bone. It's usually six or seven inches below your natural waist. Hip measurement is irrelevant for dresses with a full skirt.   

For further information, please contact our team.
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