What comes around goes around

What comes around goes around

What Comes Around Goes Around? What do you think?

As I got older I became more conscious of my actions, words and the way I behave. Life lessons on the whole, shows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

We treat someone bad? Well someone will treat us bad!
We do good things, with a genuine and caring heart. Then good things will be returned to us.
We work hard at our career or hobby, we will have the rewards.
We look after our mind, body and soul. We will spiritually evolve and in time, find true-inner happiness.


We can’t be a mean person, never work a day in our life, slob on the couch all day, and then wonder why we have no friends and we are incredibly unhappy. I also know that sometimes we can really try our best, and life doesn’t deliver.

We can sometimes try our very hardest in our job. Only to be told it is not good enough.
We can treat people nice and do our best by them, but they choose to treat us badly.
We can try to have a positive outlook in life, but challenging and heartbreaking things are sent our way.

It is easy to get bogged down when life isn’t all rosy.
But it is at this point where I feel this quote:   “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Through time, I realised adventures are the best way to learn.


I love spending time by myself here and there. I’ll go for a walk and let my mind go on for hours… And it usually always guide me right where I need to go. Telling me a bit of what I need to know. Don’t be afraid to listen to yourself, a lot of the answers to your own questions are already in you.

I will never stop telling you guys how much your state of mind is everything in life. As long as you keep your head clear, your mind focused, your heart kind, there’s no way you won’t achieve your wildest dreams. And if there’s anything that can remind you of this, please do it. Being kind hearted, rolling with the flow, doing things with passion and being hard working are values that can only lead to good.

This time in this gorgeous, warm stone that reminded me of dusk as soon as I saw it. It’s this magical, precious moment of the day where it feels like time stops for a minute… And now, unlock your wish!

It’s so important to be able to find serenity and peace in these little moments, escape society’s craziness to connect with the simplicity and the world itself… And realize that everything is what we make out of it. Things come and go and we tend to make such big deals out of everything when the Universe itself manages to balance out and create a harmony between everything. Pain comes and goes, fear, doubts… everything.

Even happiness, it comes and goes and it comes back again. And that’s the beauty of it, you never know what to expect. You have to live with it and embrace it as part of it. There is no Yin without Yang like they say. But still...love is infinite, has no end and no beginning. It never goes away.

Written in the stars, with stories that never lose their colors.


Life is not always going to be what we expected, but it is our choice to earn something from it – and make it into a positive one.

Someone tells you, your hard work was no good? Question it? Don’t feel deflated, or get upset, push to find out how you could have done it better. Then do it better. Someone treats you bad? Address it. If they don’t do it again, then you will see the relationship flourish and grow.
If they continue to hurt you and disrespect you then it is time to move on, and end the relationship or friendship. Easier said than done yes, but the great thing about being a grown-up is you can choose who you spend your time with. This should be with the people who lift you – not drain you.

Challenging and heartbreaking events land at your door, you shouldn’t be afraid to cry, scream or mourn. You should try and cling onto, and focus on every inch of the good in life. Because it will make you stronger.
It will help you appreciate and savour the glorious and happy times that comes after.

No rain, no flowers.  As the old saying goes.


So yes, what comes around goes around.

It may not always be what we expected or what we deserve.
But either way, we can learn and take something positive and beneficial from everything life throws our way – good or bad.


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